Snow White 2024: Everyone’s Missed the Point | Fairytale Analysis

Disney will get the 2024 version wrong, but did they get the 1937 version right?

Anonymous Bird
10 min readAug 29, 2023
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

I will not be watching the new Snow White. Not because I care about something enough not to watch it, but because my mother’s Disney Plus subscription will have run out by then.

General Issues with Zegler’s comments

Firstly, I believe people need to calm down. The new Snow White will have a feMiNiST twist because for some reason, Disney are worried about the oppression of a fairy-tale character. Getting mad at Disney won’t help you. You’ll just get grey hairs like Gothel. So chill out. Save your energy for the cultural revolution and the uprising of the soft girls.

That said, omG are those comments by Rachel Zegler annoying! I’m so tired of celebrities at every opportunity telling us what year it is. I can read a calendar, Rachel.

That aside, it’s a very weird time we live in, that we celebrate girls who are deeply involved in fandom and accept their celebrity crushes, but we reject the idea that they could A. Fall in love and B. with a person that they actually stand a chance with.