Living IN the Moment Versus Living FOR the Moment

Why the difference is crucial

Anonymous Bird
4 min readJun 15, 2023
Photo by Darius Bashar on Unsplash

Let’s play a fun guessing game that I like to call… hedonism versus spirituality!

The rules are the game are very simple. Take an action that you think aligns with what us Westerners like to call ‘LivINg iN the mOMeNT’. Typically it involves many of the five senses.

Write these down, and try to guess if these actions fit into hedonism or into spirituality / mindfulness. Now, this is where the game gets a lil’ tricky, but try thinking about the consequences of your actions! That might really help you out!!

Okay, so I’ll go first:

a huge slice of chocolate cake for breakfast — personally I believe this to be a spiritual action. I can practice mindfulness with a chocolate chip instead of a raisin. My mind buzzes with something, probably spiritual energy. Even the box that cake came in describes it as ‘otherworldly’.

I am strong!

I am serene!

I … have a cavity?

Oh dear, seems like I have some re-evaluating to do.

As an avid over-thinker, I have been told to live in the moment, to not worry so much. But you see, this was very hard for me to do. People with no inhibitions seemed to me to…