Are we Gaslighting ‘Special Snowflakes’ ?

And why do we want them to melt?

Anonymous Bird
6 min readDec 8, 2021
Photo by Fotis Fotopoulos on Unsplash

I am aware that writing this article might make me seem like I’m arguing against my own point, so before anyone decides to call me ‘special snowflake’, I warmly welcome you to do so.

(What? It’s December and I:

A. want snow. B. want to feel special).

That disclaimer aside, I want to focus on the definition of a ‘special snowflake’. I could use the Urban Dictionary definition, but I’d like to share the general impression that I’ve gleaned from the internet:

A ‘Special Snowflake’

  • a person who is convinced of their uniqueness to a nauseating degree. Their identity revolves around being original, and can feel hurt when they realise they are not so.
  • tends to be hypocritical, or hypocritically accuses others of certain labels e.g. selfishness
  • too sensitive, to the point (again) of selfishness or lack of self-awareness
  • It is difficult to debate, argue, or reason with in a logical or calm manner, without upsetting them (provocative language not included)
  • Can be someone from any end of the political spectrum and can hold any worldview (this may seem controversial to some, I know).