“Nay, I swear by the shooting of the stars — And, indeed, that is a grand oath, if you only knew —

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Alas, the original Arabic would best portray the depth of poetry of the Quran, but fortunately it still somewhat comes across in the English translation.

I’ve used version of the translation, which also comes with an in-depth commentary, if you wish to read a greater analysis and improve your…

This article will make much more sense if you realise I’m writing to myself in the 2nd person

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Yeah, you.

I see you, you freaking coward.

Writing is the only thing you want to do. We’ve established this multiple times. This is not new.

Yet every time, when you’re having a breakdown about your ‘purpose’ you have an epiphany when you realise that writing is the only…

Anonymous Bird

cheep cheep

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