4 Cozy, Ancient Chinese Poems

That will make you feel warm

Anonymous Bird
3 min readDec 20, 2021
Photo by 五玄土 ORIENTO on Unsplash

You may not think that 8th Century Chinese poetry is what will really hit the spot this holiday season — but trust me — these poems will feel like coming home. Not that home is a place we haven’t seen enough in recent times, but you get my drift.

The Three Tang Dynasty Poets

Wang Wei — born c.699, died c.761

Li Po — born 701, died 762

Tu Fu — born 712, died 770

N.B. In the Penguin Classics edition that I have, all of these poems have been translated by G.W. Robinson and Arthur Cooper.

Unfortunately I am Not Actually Chinese, so I can’t tell you if they did a good job or not. Still, these translations still struck a chord with me, and I like to think that the mood each poem creates has transcended it’s language:

№1 — Return to Mount Sung, by Wang Wei

Photo by Tiraya Adam on Unsplash

The river ran clear between luxuriant banks
And my carriage jogged along on its way
And the water seemed to flow with a…